Shevet Tapuz, the Israeli Scouts of Orange County, is part of Tzofim Tzabar, the Israeli Scouts of North America, which is an apolitical, non-sectarian organization.

Tzofim Tzabar emphasizes social and moral development. It aims to strengthen the relationships between Israel and North American Jews, project Israel in a positive light, promote teamwork, tolerance, and respect among people of all faiths, and form strong bonds between the Israeli youth living abroad and in Israel.

The program helps young people to develop physically, intellectually and socially, through age-specific activities including simulation games, discussions, projects, camping trips, ceremonies, holiday celebrations, music, and sport, in a fun and stimulating way.

The Scouting program is conducted in Hebrew. The activities are youth-led and provide an opportunity for young people to experience the responsibility and leadership of guiding others. The Israeli Scouts are also active in the Jewish community of Orange County, organizing and leading events such as “Tekes Yom Hazikaron (Israeli Memorial Day Program), the Purimon (Purim Carnival) and the Caravan show.

Shevet Tapuz holds weekly activities, usually on Sunday afternoon, at the Jewish Community Center in Irvine. The meetings are organized and led by Merakez Ha-Shevet (Troop Leader) and the Shachbag (Young Leadership, 10th -12th grades), with the support of Vaad Ha-Horim (Parents Committee).

In addition to the regular weekly meetings, the Tzofim program includes Yom Tzofe (Scout Day), Summer Camp, Leadership Camp, and other fun activities. The scouts are expected to wear the Tzofim Uniforms (“Chaki” clothes) for the weekly activities.

חברי וועד שבט תפוז

גל באום | מרכז השבט | 949-235-6050

פנג דורית | ראש שבט | 949-887-6707

טיומקין מאיה | ראש שבט | 714-474-9381

ארמוני דורון | נשיא | 949-228-5218

אורנית גריבי | מזכירת השבט | 949-784-9490

יפית וייס | גאלה + טקסים קטנים | 949-351-3437

קרן טרבס | אחראית מתקנים והזמנות חוץ | 949-295-0393

שלי מזרחי | ארועים | 949-923-5559

ליאורה פסוק | מתנדבים וחאקי

הילית פוקס | גזברית + טקס יום הזכרון | 408-332-3605

ליטל פלדמן |קלמנטינות ובוגרי השבט | 949-466-2236